Yellowstone Ski Traverse

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    From the oxygen starved steeps of the Himalayas to the civil islands of Hong Kong, from the wintery backcountry of Yellowstone to the blistering heat of Australia's Opal mines I have traveled the world looking for knowledge. I've lost 25 pounds in a Nepalese guesthouse stuck because I could not walk out, lived luxuriously on the 19th floor of a modern high rise in pre-revolution Jakarta, lost track of my middle name at 7000m on K2, and slept under the stars for months on the empty beaches of Australia.

    Time outside is a gift. It has the potential to revive the spirit or crush perspectives with indifference. It tempers ego and encourages imagination with its vastness. Participation offers better understanding of the relationship between intent and reality.

    Outdoorlabs combines its passion for being outside with 25 years of professional success to create accurate performance products. For three decades the only thing receiving more focus than being outside has been making the very best gear to do so.

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