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    Black Diamond
    Avalung Backpacks

    Project Manager Implemented Avalung Technology into Backpacks

    Avalung technology had proven its value in saving several lives but it was not enjoying its potential because the harness had to be removed and put over the outside layer of clothing each time the skier changed clothing layers.

    Integrated into a ski pack Avalung technology would easily keep it on the outside layer and remove any social stigma remaining form the harness version. The technology required specific, non-compromised performance criteria to function properly and pass stringent certification tests.

    In 2007 the first burial tests resulted in participants to survive up to two hours completely buried under snow. Rescuers generalize that buried victim survival rates diminish rapidly after 15 minutes. Extending that time up to 8x significantly improves survival rates.

    "I breathe slowly, waiting for someone- I used the Avalung for 1 hour 10 minutes and then I saw again the light. (I was) really happy to see the rescue people and very happy that I was alive."

    -Tessin Switzerland