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    Simms Fishing

    Developer and Production Manager

    Simms had identified taslanized nylon to out-perform cotton apparel when Tarpon fishing in the tropics. It dried quickly, gave excellent sun protection, retained little fish smell, and was very durable. The market immediately grasped the concept and demand skyrocketed. There were no manufacturers sewing 2 ply Supplex with dress shirt quality at that time. Quality was variable and deliveries unpredictable.

    The first task was finding a quality shirt maker that would sew non-cotton fabric in technical constructions and sew pants and shorts with the same challenges. Next the compromised construction of the first year?s production needed to be updated to make the line commercially viable and predictable. Ultimately price, deliveries and quality was brought into line.

    By the end of the second season garment construction, price, quality compliance and delivery predictability were within tolerance. Tarponwear introduced the market to synthetic tropical apparel.

    International Fly Tackle Dealer Show - Kudos Award, 1986