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    The North Face

    Outerwear Development -Arctic Dry Suit

    In the late 1990s Jon Waterman paddled 2000 miles across the Northwest Passage in a kayak. As a sponsored athlete he needed a dry suit that would be reliable for months at a time in the harshest conditions.

    Jon outlined the performance criteria for his suit and requested a breathable component so it could be worn days at a time, 24 hours a day. Goretex was the best fabric and construction optimized fit to his daily physical requirements.

    The suit performed to his requirements and provided a valuable safety margin in frigid arctic waters. At the same time Jon Turk embarked on a paddle from Japan to Alaska and used a similar prototype for his epic adventure.

    "Your dry suit was simply the best piece of equipment I had on my trip."

    -Jon Waterman, Adventurer and Author