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    Easton Technical Products
    KILO Tent

    Tent Design and Development

    Make the lightest free-standing back packing tent on the market.

    Easton carbon fiber experts created the lightest/ strongest pole system for their exclusive use. In lightening up the poles, a component none of its competitors could manipulate, it allowed construction and raw material to optimize strength without compromising performance integrity. Ultimately making a stronger shelter at the lightest weight available.

    "Easton Mountain Products' new pencil-thin Carbon Ion is 56% lighter than aluminum poles but more durable. The result? A new generation of insanely light tents, like Easton's freestanding Kilo, which packs in two-layer walls, a vestibule, and 26 square feet of floor space and still weighs a buoyant 2.2 pounds."

    -Outside Magazine 2011, The World's Coolest New Gear

    With the exclusive use of the lightest/ strongest poles, the new lightest tent in the market is not a function of taking parts away but the synergy of new cutting edge technology in a real, reliable shelter.

    Outside Magazine 'Design + Tech' Tent Feature 2010
    Outdoor Magazine - Cover Article - OR Show - June 2010